Welcome to Carbon Analysis

Awareness is growing that understanding your Carbon emission is the key first step in any environmental strategy. In order to reduce carbon emissions identifying their origins and the areas of your business which have the largest environmental impact is the fundamental starting point.

Carbon reporting for many companies and sectors is mandatory and the scope and requirements for this reporting is growing as governments introduce new legislation. Reporting on, and more importantly understanding your emissions can bring a range of benefits:

Drive Sales

Customers are becoming more aware, tenders for large contracts now often mandate a demonstration of environmental awareness

Cost Saving

Save energy and other operational costs

Understanding impact

Unless impact is measured, mitigation is impossible - using our calculators will ensure you understand the impact of your company, and its products or services

Product Carbon footprint

Measure and report on each product or service you provide

Compliance Management

Ensure compliance to current and plan for future legislation


Positive CSR, our reports can be designed to integrate into your annual reporting.

It's the right thing to do!